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"Entscheider diskret verbinden –
confidential but yet transparent.

Find the right buyer for your property within 48 hours.

We combine off-market real estate with artificial intelligence. OffMarket One thus creates perfect matches and creates an active and attractive trading place for an exclusive clientele.

Through blockchain technology and AI algorithms, our system learns more and more and internalizes not only hard facts about the property, but also soft facts about the buyer and seller.

With OffMarket One off-market real estate listings are matched with investors search profiles.             OffMarket One enables the trading of off-market real estate in a discreet sales process and offers an exclusive, selected and very discreet group of buyers.

In this context, the AI-based digital platform is the link between sellers and buyers and shields other players such as brokers. 

Thereby a fast transaction processing and the finding of suitable buyers is being enabled within 48 hours by sophisticated algorithms. Since no photos or owner details, nor property data are published, it is possible to offer off-market real estate to an active group of buyers, involving actors you may not know yet. 

OffMarket One turns the "off-market" into an active trading area.

1 Billion EUR

Current purchasing power of investment profiles 

1 Billion EUR

Transaction volume in Germany 2020 

1 %

off-market transaction volume

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Your benefits at one glance

Higher Sales Prices

Statistically, 84% of investors are willing to pay up to 12.5% higher sales prices off-market.

(Bulwiengesa / HPBA Off-Market Studie 2019).

Higher Success Rate

The success rate with off-market transactions is above 75 %.

(25% higher than in comparison with public sales processes; Bulwiengesa / HPBA Off-Market Studie 2019).

No Risk

On average, the value of an advertised property decreases by approximately 10% every 90 days. With OffMarket-One, the risk of "dead-deal-cost" is reduced to a minimum, as the properties are not publicly advertised.

Data Security

Users have full control over their data and the visibility of their property on our platform. They can decide for themselves how many, and especially which interested parties the object will be proposed to.

Confidentiality & Discretion

OffMarket One relies 100% on discretion. The processes run directly and without third parties between the parties. OffMarket One only provides the platform to structure the process unerringly.


Through targeted and direct networking of the parties as well as the structure of the platform, the transaction speed is many times higher than with a classic real estate brokerage by brokers.

Wider Reach

Over 30% of searchers explicitly exclude public market approaches. Our matching is anonymous and offers the reach of a large network within the platform. This ensures that the right investors are always approached and that no suitable buyer is forgotten.

Lower, consistent commissions

Unser Plattform arbeitet mit einer einheitlichen Transaktionsgebühr von ab 0,99% – und damit deutlich unter dem marktüblichen Transaktionsspektrum. Daher bildet sich hier auch ein klarer, monetärer Vorteil für den Käufer und damit ein aktiverer Markt für Verkäufer.

Internal & external consultants

In order to ensure that the transaction process is accompanied in a target-oriented manner, the buyer's or seller's own external advisors can be involved. In addition, the assistance of our employees can be called upon. This is free of charge in both cases.

and that's how easy it works

Register as buyer or seller

Upload buyer profile or
investment memo

Use algorithm
for matching

Perform transaction securely and quickly

Matching buyers within 48 hours guaranteed!

The whole process chain
in one hand.

OffMarket One stands out as an all-in-one solution that covers all phases and services in the course of off-market processing at the highest level.

You get direct contact while having access to assistance from our expert consultants whenever you need it.

OffMarket One is happy to take on additional work for you before, during and after the purchase.

For Sellers

Your properties are matched with the stored search profiles by our intelligent algorithm. In the process, the probability of matching buyers is calculated. You will receive potential buyers within 48 hours and can choose with whom you want to get into touch about your property. This means: With OffMarket One the seller searches for the suitable buyers. You decide for yourself who comes into question for you as a buyer and can select from the list of suggested buyers on who will receive further property information. All this is done with agreement to our privacy and confidentiality policies. This enables swift, smooth and secure processing. You will be provided with a data room for this purpose, with which you can provide all the necessary documentation. 

The matching of your property with the search orders deposited with us is absolutely free of charge and risk free.

Full controll

Reputable buyers

Discreet placement

For Buyers

With OffMarket One stored acquisition profiles are kept in our database. Sellers have the possibility to compare their objects with it. Should the object match your search profile,the seller receives a brief summary of your company profile and decides on the release of information and documents, as well as direct access to the property data stored with us. If a match occurs over our platform, you can directly begin with the Due Dilligence of the processed and complete object documents. This agile process enables rapid, smooth and secure execution. 



The placement of your search profile on our platform is absolutely free of charge and risk free.

Verified objects

Larger offer

Matching properties

1 Billion EUR

Purchasing power of the submitted profiles 


submitted purchase profiles

1 %

Discreet & Confidential