For Buyers

You provide us with your purchase profile - we bring you investment opportunities. 

Free of charge and risk. Matching properties are suggested to the buyers deposited with us based on the purchase criteria. Matching is done by means of an intelligent algorithm, which compares more than 100 key points between the property and the search request. The subsequent communication takes place directly with the decision-makers.

Thus, only what really suits you will be suggested. You get direct contact with the seller side - without third parties or the professional public noticing anything or brokers costing unnecessary returns.

Create purchase profile

Das Ankaufsprofil kann hochgeladen oder manuell angelegt werden. Damit wird der Ankaufsprozess beschleunigt und der Algorithmus hat alle Informationen für das intelligente Matching. You can upload the purchase profile directly after registration or send it by mail to info@offmarket-one.comWe then do the rest for you and include the key points in our system. 

Receive matching properties

Your search request is compared to properties using our algorithm and if there is a match, your buyer profile is automatically submitted to the seller. No further information is required, the system will do the rest for you. The seller can then approve you as a prospect and communicate with you directly, giving you access to the data room.

Strukturierte Abwicklung

Innerhalb weniger Stunden kann der Due-Diligence- und Q&A-Prozess gestartet werden. By using our platform, you automatically agree to maintain the confidentiality and acknowledgement of our Terms and Conditions. Sollte eine Vermittlung  durch unsere Plattform erfolgen, so fällt eine geringe Transaktionsgebühr, deutlich unter Marktsprektrum an.

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Your benefits at one glance

More efficient purchase price determination

Properties that are not on the market are typically not in the spotlight. This gives investors the chance to transact away from the public eye, and in doing so, the opportunity to purchase a property before it is even listed for the public. A plausible purchase price is discussed directly with the seller.

Larger offer, verified and suitable objects

OffMarket One serves all classic asset classes and bundles all seller classes, from institutional to family offices to pension funds. We verify all our sellers individually. Verification is based on proof of ownership, contact with the seller and the creation of a seller profile. The decision makers are then connected directly.

Less competition for buyers

Off-market deals give buyers a competitive advantage because these properties are not open to a wide range of buyers - investors are often competing with no more than two or three other buyers. This can help investors, but also sellers, avoid bidding wars or lose deals altogether.

Fast transaction processes

OffMarket One offers an enormous agility advantage. Processes are clearly structured and transparent, decision makers are directly connected and unsuitable property offers are avoided. Clearly structured data rooms, check lists for the real estate documents and personal assistance enable OffMarket One to provide a fast process structure for handling and full concentration on the property.

Unique opportunities

The reason for some off-market real estate deals is usually an owner looking for a quiet exit from the property. These situations can be beneficial to both the buyer and the seller, offering attractive contract benefits and profit margins for investors while providing the seller with a quieter process and secrecy about the property.

Agile transaction schedules

When it comes to off-market real estate sales, you will likely find that sellers are not in a hurry. Therefore, as a potential buyer, you can take your time and thoroughly inspect the property before making an offer. By dealing directly with the seller, you can handle the transaction and timing without pressure from disruptions in the market.