For Sellers

OffMarket One presents suitable buyers for your property within 48 hours - error-free thanks to our AI algorithm. 

For this your property is being matched with a AI algorithm based on the purchase criteria potential buyers deposited with us. Matching is done by comparing more than 100 key points between the property and the buyer profiles. Thanks to sophisticated technology, this is based not only on hard facts, but also on soft facts stored with us through AI-based blockchain, for example personal  factors that influence buyers' decisions, and will thus find the best possible buyers selection. Your offer will not be spreadbut specifically screened and thus exclusively presented to suitable buyers under consultation with you.  

Selling through OffMarket One is absolutely free.

Contact / Register

Contact us.Together we prepare your property for the platform and algorithm. OffMarket One offers you a ready-made structure for the perfect processing of your documents and stores your data securely on German servers. You will not incur any costs for marketing your property through our platform.

Use algorithm to match

The deposited information and about the object will be matched with our database. You receive matching buyers in less than 48 hours for your property. Among the suitable buyers you can choose with whom you want to enter into negotiations about the property. 

Share data room

Give potential buyers access to the data room - The due diligence and Q&A process takes place. You will receive full reporting from us on all approved prospects. NDA 
and required documents are checked by us in advance and deposited by the prospective customer before he receives the release for access.

Buyer types registered with us


Family Offices


Pension & church funds

Project managers


Private investors


Cities & Communities


Your benefits at one glance

Full controll

Sellers have control over their data throughout the entire transaction process. At the same time, it can be determined at any time which information is released and who gets access to this information. We ensure optimal and protected access via our German servers.

Reputable buyers

All buyers are verified and will only receive an anonymized but decidable investment teaser if they meet the purchase criteria. All users explicitly agree to the guidelines of the platform including confidentiality agreement.

Discreet placement

Each property remains off-market and is only presented to a targeted clientele. The clientele is agreed upon directly with the owner on an individual basis. Thus, the appropriate buyer is sought and a positive result is promoted.

Fast transaction processes

Buyers within 48 hours thanks to algorithm and comprehensive database.
An enormous agility advantage: Clearly structured and transparent processes and non-matching real estate offers filtered out. Processed data rooms, check lists for the real estate documents and personal assistance allow for a fast process structure during processing.

Technology „Made in Germany“

For a smooth process, a secure environment must be created - discreet and clear. To guarantee this in all processes, OffMarket One's platform was developed and tested with the highest security standards directly in Germany by our developers. Security "Made in Germany".

Personal consulting

Of course, the OffMarket One team is always available to you personally. Should any questions arise, you can always reach us personally by email or phone - also to get support for ongoing processes. In addition, your external consultants can be involved at any time through direct access.